Our EHR Support Services

ITelagen® specialists provide Level 1 + Level 2 supplemental desktop support direct to your staff members that utilize Cerner PowerChart® EHR. This added level of services ensures that all of your staff, not only super users, gets immediate support when they need it most.

Unlimited Remote Support
Our services include support for all staff members with no limitations. Our ITVision® remote control technology revolutionizes the way we deliver EHR support to your staff. When a staff member calls us for assistance, a Cerner PowerChart® specialist is able to take control of their desktop computer to provide fast, easy and secure support service.

HIPAA Compliant/Certified Healthcare
ITelagen®’s EHR support services are operated as ISO 27002 and 27799 compliant, both of which are information security standards that ensure the security of your patient data.