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About ITelagen®
Q: Who is ITelagen®?
A: ITelagen is a business, headquartered in the New York City metropolitan area that was founded by and is operated by Internet Generation people who are technology gurus that witnessed the birth of and thrived in the start of the Internet. Often our management and service team are referred to, by those that are not technical, as “techies”. For that, technology and gadgets are at the heart of every ITelagen team member.

ITelagen was launched in 2005 in response to the growing need for IT help for small to medium-sized businesses with no alternatives other than expensive Information Technology (IT) consultants that bill clients for service by the hour, resulting in high and inconsistent charges. As a former small-business owner, the need became clear to ITelagen’s founder after struggling with various in-house and outsourced Information Technology (IT) solutions and witnessing similar problems at numerous small businesses in the New York City (NYC) metropolitan area.

ITelagen offers customers an all-inclusive, guaranteed, one-price service that provides an array of essential Information Technology (IT) services on a flat rate monthly subscription. Our method eliminates the questionable pricing practices inherent to the Information Technology (IT) industry while at the same time providing proactive, quality support services. Our commitment to these goals remains steadfast.

Q: How can ITelagen® help my business?
ITelagen offers you the level of Information Technology (IT) support normally only available to large corporations with a fully staffed Information Technology (IT) department, with the personal touch and responsiveness of company that is local to your business at a flat-rate monthly price with no hidden service charges. Our service plans cover all of your technology needs from deciding which equipment you need to managing and support them.

ITelagen® Service Plans include:

  • Desktop Management Plan – For the support and management of the health, data and security of each desktop in your company.
  • Server Management Plan – For the management and remote monitoring of the health, data and security of your servers.
  • Network Infrastructure Plan – The hosting of Web Site, Domain, DNS, & E-mail + Management of your ISP, Routers, & Firewall.
  • CIO Service – Help and expertise to support the planning of business technology infrastructure.
Q: I’m starting my own business. What can ITelagen® do to help me?
A: ITelagen will work with you to assess your business technology requirements. ITelagen brings to the table a large network of leading technology companies that your business will benefit from. ITelagen will act as your outsourced Information Technology (IT) department and assist you with selecting and installing your network infrastructure, without the need to have a dedicated Information Technology (IT) department on staff.
ITelagen® vs. Other Solutions
Q: What if we already have an in-house IT department?
A: ITelagen services complement and supplement existing in-house Information Technology (IT) staff and services. By outsourcing and automating basic desktop and server support to ITelagen®, your business can scale more easily, allowing existing Information Technology (IT) teams to focus on projects and infrastructure. Whether you need extra help for short or long term projects or need additional help on a part-time basis, we can work with your team to help you meet your business goals.
Q: We have a technical friend that helps us; should we stick with that?
A: While a friend may provide “reactive” help when needed, new security issues such as viruses, hackers, and worms come to light in news articles every day and underline the importance of taking preventative measures and in most cases, small to medium sized businesses have been inadequately supplied with data protection and disaster recovery. These are serious threats with serious consequences. This error in judgment or lack of policy can be as disastrous as an uncontrollable event such as a fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood or other disaster. Yet, many small businesses have not taken the steps to safeguard their businesses and data and often a “friend” is not providing this level of service.

ITelagen offers comprehensive service that not only includes “reactive” support when something goes wrong, but is also “proactive” and addresses potential problems before they can occur. Our service will remotely monitor over hundreds of aspects of every computer’s security and performance around the clock, allowing us to anticipate and correct many issues before they occur. Proactive computer management enables businesses to attain a strategic advantage in managing mission critical applications and constantly changing desktops, thus proactively anticipating risk and resolving issues.

Q: Why should I use ITelagen® over a traditional consulting service?
Traditionally, outsourced Information Technology (IT) support has involved billing clients for service by the hour, resulting in high and inconsistent charges, leaving clients not knowing what they are paying for. Instead, ITelagen is an Information Technology (IT) company that offers customers an all-inclusive, guaranteed, one-price service that provides an array of essential Information Technology (IT) services on a flat rate monthly subscription. This method eliminates the questionable pricing practices inherent to the Information Technology (IT) industry while at the same time providing proactive, quality support services when you need it.
Q: Why shouldn’t I just call the manufacturer of my computer for help?
A: Your hardware manufacture is in the business of selling hardware, not providing technical support. Therefore they limit the scope of support that they are willing to provide to issues specific to their hardware. Therefore, after experiencing long hold times, finger-pointing to other hardware manufacturers, the support your hardware manufacturer is providing is simply not cost-effective. In addition, your hardware manufacturer will not provide support for your network, data, ISP, or software applications. ITelagen will solve any problem with your computer immediately over the Internet or phone. And most importantly, since we are local, we can send one of our service technicians over to your site if needed.
Support & Services
Q: How do I purchase new hardware?
A: ITelagen can provide you with any software or hardware product at extremely reasonable prices. Best of all, when your hardware is purchased through ITelagen, you can feel rest assured that the equipment will be compatible with your existing network infrastructure. ITelagen will guarantee it. Your service technician will assist you with identify the best products to fit your needs, install it onsite and be there to support you if and when needed.
Q: What operating systems does ITelagen® support?
A: ITelagen currently supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and Macintosh OSX 10.4 and 10.5.
Q: Can ITelagen® provide broadband Internet access?
A: Yes, ITelagen has partnered with both local and national broadband providers that we believe provide the most reliable broadband solutions for small businesses. Your ITelagen service technician can provide you with assistance with getting broadband service.
Q: How many Service Plans do I need?
A: You are required to have one (1) Service Plan for each computer, laptop, or server being used in your office. You do not need additional memberships for devices, such as printers, PDA’s, firewalls, etc.
Q: What if I want onsite support instead of remote or telephone?
A: The ITelagen business model that enables us to offer our service at such a low price is based on our ability to first try to solve all problems remotely over the phone or the Internet. If we are unable to solve the problem, we will send a Service Technician to your location to resolve the problem.
Q: Is my business required to have an Internet connection?
A: Yes, our affordable business model requires that we solve as many problems as possible over the Internet. Our support automation and remote control software allows us to work on your computer while you watch and perform routine maintenance after hours. If you do not have a broadband Internet connection, we are unable to leverage these essential tools.
Q: What software applications does ITelagen® support?
A: ITelagen supports all Microsoft Office products as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and other software products commonly used by small businesses.
Q: Will ITelagen® repair my computer hardware?
A: We do not perform hardware repair as part of the flat-rate service, however we will diagnose hardware problems and work with the hardware manufacturer on your behalf. If your hardware is not under warranty we will assist you with purchasing new hardware. Should you require assistance with repairing the hardware, ITelagen offers a flat-rate fee for onsite repairs for computer covered by one of our Service Plans.