Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Health Records
Q: What is an electronic medical record (EHR)?
A: The EHR is a computer-based medical record that is specific to one physician, practice or organization. It is the record that a doctor maintains on his or her own patients, detailing personal information, medical history and diagnosis. It is often integrated with the medical business software that manages activities such as billing and scheduling.
Q: Why should I switch from paper to EHR?
A: In 2009, President Obama implemented bonus incentives for physicians that adopt EHR and financial penalties for those that do not. The reasoning behind this is that EHR not only improves the quality of patient care, it enables physicians to operate their practice more efficiently and profitably. Physicians have always looked for ways to improve the delivery of care to their patients and EHR will help in many areas. EHR permits a physician to show patients specific test results in comprehensible formats. Patients who see their lab results drawn in a graph, for example, demonstrate markedly improved understanding when compared to those whose test results are relayed verbally or just written on a piece of paper. The EHR also helps reduce medical errors, lowers malpractice risks and insurance and increases insurance claim payments.
Q: Why select hosted EHR, why can’t I run an EHR server in my office?
A: With EHR, patient data is stored on the EHR server. Not only does HIPAA dictate that this data be kept secure, the loss of this data can pose a serious legal liability. ITelagen datacenters have passed SSAE16 / SOC Type II certified, a certification long valued by financial institutions world-wide for data security. The hardware needed to pass SAS-70 certification not only amounts in the hundreds of thousands, the certification its self costs well over $100,000 every three years. This is something that would be nearly impossible to achieve in any office environment.Also, besides redundancy, a hosted solution backs up and replicates your data, meaning your data is stored in multiple places. Therefore, should a hardware failure occur, the data and new hardware is readily available to minimize and prevent downtown.
Q: How can ITelagen® help my medical practice?
A: Without IT expertise converting to computer-based medical records can be challenging for any small medical practice. ITelagen delivers you the same level of IT support and expertise normally only available to large hospitals at a flat-rate monthly price with no hidden service charges. Our service plans cover all of your EHR needs including EHR Hosting and IT Support for your staff.
Q: How do I convert my existing records?
A: ITelagen will help you plan out your transition strategy as there are several approaches to data migration. Your existing records can be scanned and indexed into the EHR or many practices decide to simply start electronic and slowly phase out the paper historical data over time.
Q: How is the ITelagen® EHR services priced?
A: ITelagen offers its hosted EHR and unlimited IT support on a flat monthly price per physician per month.
Q: Who owns and accesses my patient data?
A: You own and have exclusive access to your data which is securely maintained in our SAS-70 certified data center.
Q: Will ITelagen® assist with hardware purchasing and installation?
A: Yes. ITelagen will provide you with a complete turn-key solution that includes all hardware, setup, and implementation.
Q: What hidden costs can I anticipate after switching to an EHR?
A: Most physicians do not account for the ongoing IT implications and support needs when converting from paper to electronic. That’s why ITelagen’s EHR service provides unlimited remote and onsite IT support for all of your IT infrastructure and staff. ITelagen’s flat-rate, hosted EHR service truly eliminates the hidden costs of EHR.