Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Access & Support Automation

Data Backup Service

Remote Access & Support Automation
Q: Are the Remote Automation methods used secure?
A: All of our support automation technologies are designed to ensure the safety, security and integrity of your data. Our Remote Automation tools deliver the highest level of security for your network, desktops, and data. Operated in a fully redundant SAS-70 Type II compliant data center, and has earned the TRUSTe® Web Privacy Seal, that exceeds ISC2 standards for data storage, and complies with the key tenets of InfoSec.
Q: Can ITelagen® connect to my network without me knowing?
A: No, we cannot connect to your computer or server unless you manually accept a link that we send you each time you want support. That ensures that you feel safe that we can only gain access when authorized by you and that the access can be monitored.
Q: Can ITelagen® gain unauthorized access to my network files and data?
A: No, all remote control activities are performed under the careful supervision of the computer end-user. When connected remotely to the desktop, the computer end-user will be able to see all actions being performed by the ITelagen Service Technician clearly on the computer display/monitor.
Q: Can an unauthorized user or hacker gain access through remote control?
A: No, you (or your computer end-user) must initiate the remote control session manually. Therefore the session is not active for remote access when not in use and it can not be remotely activated.
Data Backup Service
Q: How does ITelagen® store and protect my data?
A: Each secure ITelagen Data Center facility features safe, secure, redundant facilities your data demands. Each ITelagen Data Center facility is equipped with features such as 24 x 7 support monitoring, backups for power and critical systems, and advanced fire detection and suppression. Our Data Centers also employ the highest possible security features, including video surveillance, by both visible and hidden cameras, motion sensors, biometric identification systems, controlled photo ID key-card access and 24-hour security-guard patrols.
Q: Is the transmission of my data secure?
A: Yes, ITelagen Data Backup uses the most powerful information defense available. The same encryption used to protect classified U.S. government documents in transit – 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) – is used to encode and secure every file that ITelagen Data Backup handles. No other service offers this degree of protection.
Q: Can ITelagen® or others view my stored data?
A: No, The ITelagen Data Backup encrypts your company’s files at the originating computer with a key that only you have, and keeps them encrypted both in transit and in storage. If someone were to intercept your backup or retrieval session on its way to or from our Data Center, or somehow gain access to our servers, they would be unable to decipher any of your company’s data.