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ITelagen® is unlike all other IT companies. At ITelagen, we build and leverage software technology to improve how IT support is delivered. Our team shares a passion for this technology that takes many different forms: writing code, researching technology, building networks or simply providing support to our clients. It’s a shared passion for innovation and a strong belief in how IT automation software and tools can make a difference in people’s lives.

For these reasons, we’re extremely proud of our people for that great people make great companies. That truism applies to any industry, but it’s especially meaningful for a support and service organization such as ITelagen, where creativity, ideas, and the energy behind those ideas are the driving forces behind great service.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to attract even more great people so we can expand the potential of tomorrow’s technology for our clients. Our philosophy for making this happen is simple:

  • Hire, Train and Retain the Best People Possible
  • Create an Environment that Values Integrity, Trust, and Quality of Life
  • Deliver a Clear Career Path from Junior Positions to VP
  • Provide Autonomy, Responsibility and the Best Resources Available
  • Recognize and Reward Employees for Achievements

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Current Positions Available

The following career positions are currently available:
(Last Updated December 2017)

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