John O’Keefe

Chief Executive Officer

With several support automation patents-pending accredited to him, Mr. O’Keefe is ITelagen’s founder and lead visionary. Mr. O’Keefe began his professional career as a lead technical analyst where he provided strategic marketing advice to technology companies that included Novell, Intel and IBM, assisting them with new product offerings and product positioning. In 1997, responding to his vision of support automation and the emerging needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to manage subscribers and reduce support costs, Mr. O’Keefe founded Fine Point Technologies ( where he 1st served as CTO and designed and built its support automation software prototypes. In the year 2000, he was appointed to the position of CEO of Fine Point Technologies to lead the company into the then emerging industry of broadband. It was here that he grew the company from the post dot-com era to a worldwide organization with a sales pipeline that exceeded $30M. At ITelagen, it is Mr. O’Keefe’s vision to leverage support automation to drive EHR adoption at small medical practices.

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Jeremy Kirchner

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Kirchner is a CPA with financial industry experience that spans globally to include Deutsche Bank in London, England, to Audetex in San Diego, California. While at Audetex, Jeremy led the forecasting and budgeting of the organization and held financial accountability to various executive teams within the organization. In addition, he spearheaded bespoke projects with a goal to streamline inefficiencies and targeted new areas of financial opportunity that led to tighter financial control within several departments. Previous to Audetex, Jeremy was employed at Deutsche Bank where he worked extensively with global senior management to prepare forecasting budgets and analytical packages for presentation to key members within the organization. His career also includes tax preparation for various business entities including partnerships, S-corporations and C-Corporations and auditing experience that has helped him gain a holistic picture when addressing finance at any organization, large or small, domestic or global.

Mr. Kirchner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University.

David M. Ulrich

Executive Vice President

Mr. Ulrich brings 30+ years of business management, innovation and operating experience to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. As former CIO, in the mid-80s, Mr. Ulrich was recognized by Apple Corporation and Great Plains as an innovative leader and early adopter of Apple computer network technology. Since that time, Mr. Ulrich has been a key advisor to many companies such as KPMG, Montefiore Medical Center and Pittsburgh Corning in sculpting their IT infrastructure, reducing multiple job functions, cutting operating costs, and increasing profits.

At ITelagen, Mr. Ulrich holds the position of Executive Director of Operations where he assists ITelagen’s clients with leveraging technology to improve business operations.

Richard J. Bandoy

Vice President of Healthcare Technology

Richard Bandoy brings over 10+ years of Network Support, Quality Assurance and Help Desk experience to ITelagen and oversees all of ITelagen’s healthcare IT support operations. Prior to joining ITelagen, Mr. Bandoy served as Network Director for Open Solutions where his primary focus was the network infrastructure support for Financial Institutions where data privacy was a paramount issue. He served in senior technology positions at companies such as Vonage and Fine Point Technologies where he setup and managed quality assurance labs and processes in support of large clients such as Verizon and AOL.

Mr. Bandoy has a degree in Management from Temple University, is a NextGen Certified Professional (NCP) and serves as an advisor to ITelagen’s board of directors.

Emile Clifford

Vice President

Emile Clifford brings an abundance of Human Resources management and employee health and welfare expertise to ITelagen and will be leading the mission to have ITelagen recognized as an IT Employer of Choice. With a strong background in employee relations and healthcare recruiting, Ms. Clifford will be striving to on-board and retain the best and brightest IT support and implementation professionals the industry has to offer. Prior to joining ITelagen, Ms. Clifford was Director of Human Resources for one of Manhattan’s largest physician groups where she was responsible for all aspects of Human Resources, including employee health and welfare, employee relations, recruiting, HRIS, policy development and the performance and appraisal process. Ms. Clifford has experience breaking down HR departments and building them back up to be key strategic players in an organization. She has also served on due diligence teams and has experience leading the employee transition during mergers and acquisitions.

Ms. Clifford holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Northwood University – The Richard DeVos Graduate School of Management and a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification.

Carmen Soto

Vice President of Technical Services

Carmen Soto-Rodriguez is a NextGen Certified Professional (NCP) with over 11 years experience in the field of implementation and healthcare information systems management. Carmen’s prior engagement was with a large multi-specialty practice in Brooklyn, New York, where she co-lead the transition from paper to electronic medical records, implementing NextGen to over 180 physicians with over 700 employees. Her initial responsibilities at this organization included hands-on training, planning, and delivering integrated solutions, which quickly lead her to securing several strategic management positions. Some of her career achievements include the realization of over $4M in excess revenue; successful implementation of NextGen throughout 9 locations/25+ specialties’; the creation of change control procedures and a template development life cycle process; and successfully managing upgrades and implementations of multiple bi-directional interfaces.

Ms. Soto-Rodriguez has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and is the founder and chair of the NextGen Greater New York Users Group.

Alan McCrary

Vice President of Hosting Services

Alan McCrary brings over 20+ years of Infrastructure Support, Network Engineering and Hosting experience to ITelagen and oversees all of ITelagen’s DataCenter, Hosting services. Prior to joining ITelagen, Mr. McCrary served as Sr. Director Operations & Engineering where his primary focus was the network infrastructure support for Hosted  Cloud supported platform where data privacy was a paramount issue. He served in senior technology positions at companies such as Sports Authority and Janus Capital where he setup and managed critical infrastructure as well developing process around BCP and security.

Mr. McCrary holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems Management from Colorado Christian University.

Mike Troppe

Vice President of Sales

Mike Troppe is a seasoned business development professional who believes in the power of technology to help healthcare organizations improve their operations and deliver better patient care. For over 20 years, Mr. Troppe has partnered with health systems, physician practices and ambulatory surgery centers to understand their unique business model and challenges, and used his deep market knowledge to tailor solutions that deliver tangible results.  In this role, he leads a team that helps medical practices define and leverage end-to-end technology solutions that enable better clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

Prior to ITelagen, Mr. Troppe held positions of increasing responsibility at leading healthcare organizations including VP of National Accounts at Surgical Information Systems (SIS), over six years as a Business Development Director at Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, and over 13 years in various roles at IBM.

Mr. Troppe holds an MBA from the George Washington University School of Business, and a BA in Psychology from the Catholic University of America.