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Five “Aha Moments” to Increase Efficiency with NextGen EHR

One of the best parts of my job is helping customers find an “aha moment” with their Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Practice Management (EPM) solution. Whether that moment happens with the business, clinical or IT staff, seeing users get excited about NextGen technology makes it all worthwhile.

I started these blogs to share answers to the top questions we hear from NextGen users so that everyone in our healthcare community can benefit. Previously, I shared time-saving keyboard shortcuts and tips to reduce clicks in your NextGen EHR/EPM. And before that, I explained how to review and fine-tune your EHR/EPM settings for major efficiency gains and time savings.

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Fewer Clicks, Better Care: Tips to Save You Time in NextGen

Carmen Soto  | June 24, 2019Fewer Clicks, Better Care: Tips to Save You Time in NextGen by CARMEN SOTO | June 24, 2019 Healthcare organizations have always tracked numbers – how many patients we see, how many tests we run, how many prescriptions we write. Healthcare...

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Windows 7 End of Life: What Your Business Needs to Know

Is your company still using Windows 7? If so, it’s time to upgrade – or time to make sure your IT staff has a solid plan and an aggressive timeline. Microsoft is ending extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. That doesn’t mean your computer will stop working the next day, but it does mean hackers and criminals can easily exploit vulnerabilities in your operating system. And security isn’t the only reason to upgrade to Windows 10.

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Critical Deadlines Loom: Upgrade to NextGen 5.9/8.4 Today

Over the past year, we’ve helped practices of all sizes upgrade to NextGen 5.9/8.4 to boost staff productivity, increase revenue cycle efficiency and improve patient care. Now important deadlines are approaching for those practices who still need to upgrade to 5.9/8.4, and the window is closing. Here are the top three reasons to upgrade immediately: Don’t Delay – Upgrade by October 1, 2019

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Leadership Means Putting People First

Many medical practices try to attract strong technical talent to work in-house but can’t offer the same type of environment and perks that high-tech organizations do. This is why they count on ITelagen for help, because we attract the best talent by providing the kind of environment that high-caliber technical people have come to expect.

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PAINWeek 2018: Opioid Alternatives and EHRs

JOHN O'KEEFE | September 12, 2018   PAINWeek 2018: Opioid Alternatives and EHRs By John O'Keefe | September 12, 2018   Every fall, frontline practitioners gather at the PAINWeek annual conference to learn about current trends and best practices in pain...

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Improve Your Revenue Cycle with this Smart Analytics Tool

JOHN O'KEEFE  | May 18, 2018   Improve Your Revenue Cycle with this Smart Analytics Tool by John O'Keefe | May 18, 2018   Better Technology. Better Outcomes. This is ITelagen’s new tagline, and it represents our main goal: to bring practices the best...

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Use Data Analytics Tools to Improve Outcomes

JOHN O'KEEFE | April 10, 2018   Use Data Analytics Tools to Improve Outcomes by John O'Keefe | Apr 10, 2018   Last month, I wrote about one of the major themes of HIMSS18: How healthcare providers can safeguard against cybersecurity threats. Another hot...

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Timing Matters for MIPS: Upgrade Now to NextGen 5.9/8.4

CARMEN SOTO | April 5, 2018   Timing Matters for MIPS: Upgrade Now to NextGen 5.9/8.4 by Carmen Soto | Apr 5, 2018   Upgrading to NextGen 5.9/8.4 is one of the most important things your practice can do to be more successful in 2018. This version...

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HIMSS18 Highlights Growing Cybersecurity Threat

JOHN O'KEEFE  | March 21, 2018 HIMSS18 Highlights Growing Cybersecurity Threat by John O'Keefe | Mar 21, 2018   I recently returned from HIMSS18 , the largest healthcare technology conference of the year. It was a reminder of how far healthcare technology has...

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