Multispecialty healthcare enterprise
sought new partner for hosting and
improved support to elevate practice


  • NextGen Platform Migration
  • Hosting Services from ITelagen
  • White Glove Support


  • Smooth migration
  • Zero unexpected downtime
  • Improved system stability
  • Positioned for long-term success

Hunterdon Healthcare Backgound
Established in 1953, Hunterdon Healthcare is a multispecialty enterprise encompassing more than 50 practices and over 100 locations in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Hunterdon Healthcare kept paper-based medical records for the ambulatory practices within the Integrated Delivery System until it digitized on the NextGen platform in 2006. Because of its unique business model, which includes both employed and independent practices with over 1,700 total users, Hunterdon Healthcare has always used an external hosting provider for NextGen applications.

Business Needs Required Attention
Karen Giannattasio, MSN RN, NCP, is the Director of Ambulatory Information Systems at Hunterdon Healthcare. After several years working with the same hosting provider, she noticed service degradation and unresolved system stability issues. “This vendor went through several acquisitions and changed its business model in a way that didn’t meet our needs anymore,” says Karen. “We wanted to find a new hosting provider who could deliver the services we needed now, and also had the vision and capability to provide additional services and support with more of a white glove approach.”

The Hunterdon Healthcare team identified ITelagen as a strong fit to migrate its NextGen applications and provide hosting services with enhanced support. ITelagen’s business model also matched Hunterdon Healthcare’s future needs for additional ancillary services like end user support, application support and development, and hardware support.

An Invested Partner
From the beginning, Hunterdon Healthcare sensed that ITelagen approached the opportunity as more than just a business relationship. “It was evident that ITelagen really cared about what we do, and that they wanted to help bring Hunterdon Healthcare to a better place,” Karen recalls. “They were persistent, patient and asked all the right questions. We knew these were very good, smart people, and we knew we wanted to work with them in a true partnership.”

“As a large, complex multispecialty organization, we valued the thoughtful approach ITelagen took to formulate a plan that met our needs,” says Karen. The teams met frequently to review the project plan and completed a mock dry run. Just before the migration was scheduled to begin, Hunterdon Healthcare identified internal networking issues that needed to be addressed first.

“ITelagen was extremely helpful and patient during this unexpected delay; offering to facilitate the process where they could, and waiting appropriately where they couldn’t,” recalls Karen. “They worked closely with us to make sure we didn’t get out of sync leading up to the migration, which we appreciated as this type of activity is not our core business.”

The migration took place over a weekend, and exactly mimicked the dry run so there were no major surprises. “ITelagen helped us plan for downtime at specific points throughout the migration,” says Karen. “We never had one second of downtime that wasn’t expected.” ITelagen also provided a checklist to help the Hunterdon Healthcare team verify that every step was completed throughout the course of the weekend.

When the migration was complete and systems switched over, Hunterdon Healthcare had full access to its database. End users had full application access on Monday morning and there was no disruption to patient appointments. “Going live that Monday with uninterrupted access was a huge success from our perspective,” shares Karen. “After the migration, we still had a lot of clean up to do and decisions to make. ITelagen helped us navigate through everything – we could call or text anytime, and they resolved the issues immediately. We didn’t experience any unexpected downtime or outages like we had with our previous vendor.”

The Hunterdon Healthcare and ITelagen teams were in frequent communication during the migration weekend and conducted post-mortems to debrief and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. “There are always challenges when you do a migration in a customized environment,” adds Karen. “ITelagen has been very receptive to our feedback and suggestions for process improvements that will benefit other customers in the future.”

Focused on Success
Karen is excited to see how ITelagen can help Hunterdon Healthcare get to the next level. “ITelagen knows how to make my business more productive with NextGen, and they are a really good group of people who care about our success,” she says. “Those are incredibly valuable things to find in a healthcare technology partner.”