Maintain control over your software, applications, and your physical infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

We assess each practice’s unique technology needs to help you achieve success in the clinical, financial and operational outcomes.


Maintain control over your software, applications, and your physical infrastructure. +Read More


Trust ITelagen with all your EHR hosting while you focus on patients. +Read More


Leverage the flexibility and mobility of iPad® and Android® Tablet devices. +Read More


Enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price you can afford. +Read More


Move data to a secure, facility and protect your business from the liabilities associated with data protection. +Read More


Ensure continuous IT operations and fast recovery of mission-critical systems in the cloud. +Read More

Client Experiences

“I used to come in on Monday morning wondering what was going to go wrong this week,” adds Barry Sheppard. “Now, I have a high level of confidence that the system is reliable and users have uninterrupted access. Dealing with performance issues is non-productive time and we don’t do that anymore thanks to ITelagen.”

Barry Sheppard

Senior Director of Information Systems, Torrance Memorial Health System

“ITelagen works hard to provide exactly what we need, and to provide it promptly. This is especially important in an upgrade situation where timing is critical. They have always been responsive to any issues we send their way. The communication between us is spot on.”

Mai Smith

Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Horizon Eye Care, PA

Who We Work With

We work with healthcare organizations nationally who value outcomes no matter what set of unique challenges they have.  Regardless of working with EHR software companies, medical practices, hospitals, FQHC/CHC’s or health systems – we identify the needs and help achieve success through healthcare technology.

It doesn’t matter if we are partnering with a leading provider in children’s health or a facility with ties to Tribal Health, our ability to customize solutions that deliver efficient, secure and high-quality care make us an essential partner.


From various size hospitals to large health care systems. We have the team and experience to keep your technology reliably working for you.

Medical Practices

Medical practices with one location or many. We can help you cover all your technology bases so you can focus on your patients and team.

Community Health Centers

We are proud to support Community Health Centers and FQHC’s. We can provide the technology you need to focus on your patients.

EHR Companies

For EHR Companies helping practitioners deliver services, we can help you store your data in a reliable, secure, compliant environment.



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