Highly distributed organization needed scalable technology to support expansion.


Secure EHR Cloud
Secure EHR Cloud

Protect patient data in our fully HIPAA compliant, secure EHR cloud with 99.999% (“five nines”) uptime and 35% better EHR performance than standalone hosting.


Infrastructure Management

An enterprise grade service to proactively support, secure, and manage your practice’s entire technology infrastructure.

White Glove Support

White Glove Support

Attentive, hands-on support for all of your staff and physicians – keeping them productive and spending more time with your patients.


• Seamless business growth
• New competitive advantage
• Continuous system uptime
• Reliable data security

Biscuits & Bath (B&B) is a leading dog care provider with 13 locations in New York City. Founded in 1990, the company provides a full range of services including day care, 24-hour care, walking, grooming, training, veterinary care, transportation and retail. Scott Smith, CEO and Owner, oversees 200+ associates serving more than 10,000 clients and their canines.

On the surface, a dog care provider might seem like a low-tech operation. To the contrary, Biscuits & Bath relies heavily on leading edge technology to interact with clients and help the company run smoothly. “There are diseconomies of scale in this type of business, plus huge logistical challenges that technology helps us manage,” says Scott Smith. “Every day we walk several hundred dogs, groom dogs, train dogs, vaccinate dogs, and have associates in multiple places – in our retail locations, at client apartments, on the streets, and in vehicles. All of it needs to be constantly tracked and instantly accessible. That can be challenging in a complex environment like New York City.” He believes technology has been a huge part of B&B’s ability to grow and succeed.

Partnering for Business Growth
In 2008, B&B needed to expand its technology infrastructure to keep pace with business growth. But it only had a few internal IT staff members with limited expertise. And the company lacked the necessary scale to secure competitive pricing on the best solutions. B&B decided to partner with a technology services provider who could offer:

• Full domain expertise including hardware, software and networking
• 24/7/365 support for its round-the-clock operations
• Strategic guidance to leverage technology for growth
• Economies of scale for cutting-edge technology at a low price

B&B interviewed multiple companies to find the right fit, and selected ITelagen for several reasons. ITelagen demonstrated professionalism with broad technology expertise including an emphasis on data security, which no one was thinking much about at the time. Secondly, ITelagen thought strategically about how to use technology for business growth, not just reactively fix things when they go wrong. And finally, ITelagen’s business model shares technology costs across multiple clients, meaning B&B would save money versus going it alone.

Today, ITelagen manages all of B&B’s technology infrastructure including approximately 50 laptops and desktops. ITelagen is B&B’s primary advisor when it comes to strategic technology planning. And ITelagen’s secure data centers have hosted all of B&B’s data since 2009, making B&B one of ITelagen’s very first cloud clients. “It’s a comprehensive service arrangement and we’re very happy with the results,” says Scott Smith. “Who would have thought that a dog walking business would be an early adopter of the cloud?”

Surviving Hurricane Sandy in the Cloud
Moving to the cloud was crucial when Hurricane Sandy hit in the Fall of 2012. The storm caused severe damage to New York City, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power all around the city. Many people and businesses were without power for over a week.

At the time, B&B had seven physical locations and thousands of clients across the city, with live animals needing constant care regardless of weather conditions or storm damage. Managing a remote, distributed business was challenging from a physical standpoint, but B&B’s technology infrastructure didn’t experience any downtime. B&B associates continued to walk dogs, veterinarians showed up at clinics on time, and grooming appointments went on as planned. Even though three B&B locations lost power, they were able to relocate animals to locations with power and keep close track of the changes through continuous system availability.

“It was an inflection point for our company that turned into a huge competitive advantage,” says Scott Smith. “It’s difficult to unexpectedly shut down any company for a few days. But when you’re in a relationship-based industry taking care of clients’ live animals, the business always needs to be up and running, no matter what the circumstances are. A lot of other animal service providers shut down after the storm and we ended up taking on many of their clients because of it.”

A Proactive Approach
In addition to dependable system availability, ITelagen provides the highest levels of cloud security for B&B systems and data. For Scott, this is like an insurance policy that protects his business and his clients’ important personal data. “ITelagen is protecting data that we have now, plus thinking about what needs to be in place for emerging threats that we don’t even know about yet,” he states. “I’m a business person in a unique market with high client expectations. Knowing ITelagen is taking care of our systems and data allows me to focus on clients and the company, instead of worrying about how to play defense against a virus or a phishing email. ITelagen works hard to prevent things before they happen.”

Scott appreciates ITelagen’s proactive approach. Other technology firms he’s worked with were built just to reactively fix things after they break. He explains that “the ITelagen team is very professional and responsive. They know how to manage day-to-day issues, but also stay on the leading edge of technology and can think strategically about how to use it to build and grow our business.”

ITelagen executive leadership has also demonstrated a personal commitment to its partnership with B&B. ITelagen’s CEO, John O’Keefe, meets with Scott monthly. In addition to discussing ongoing agenda items, Scott and John brainstorm ways to strategically use technology to better serve B&B’s clients and grow the business. “Anytime I need to talk to someone at ITelagen, from the CEO to the support desk, they’re always available,” states Scott. “ITelagen is a technology firm, but there is also a huge human element to what they do and that’s been very helpful.”