Work from Home Solutions
Secure (HIPAA Compliant) work from home options for your practice and staff.

As we all navigate the unpredictable and challenging nature of COVID-19, we recognize that some of your staff does not need to be in the office and your staff and providers may need remote access to NextGen for the patients they do see. As your Healthcare IT Support partner, know that we are here to support your efforts in establishing a safe and secure remote working environment for your team, as well as an environment that maintains the safety and well-being of patients.

If you consider a work from home model for some or all of your staff, there are some things to consider. Cybersecurity threats are real and elevated right now; hackers are more active than ever, and you need to consider security with remote access to your NextGen environment.

ITelagen has secure (HIPAA Compliant) work from home options for your staff:


Enable secure, HIPAA compliant NextGen access from any tablet or desktop device (iPad, Android, Windows and Mac). Unlike NextGen Mobile Solutions, that provide limited functionality, EHRAnywhere provides the full NextGen EPM and EHR application, on your mobile tablet and desktop devices, with the ability to perform all the functions in NextGen as though it was accessed in the office.

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Virtual Desktops 

Virtual Desktop Solution delivers a remote virtual desktop for you and your staff allowing everyone to work securely and safely from home. This solution provides secure access to your EHR applications as well as your data.

Contact us today to discuss our Virtual Desktop Solution your business. Due to this unusual event and high demand, implementation priority will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Client Experiences

“It’s difficult to unexpectedly shut down any company for a few days. But when you’re in a relationship-based industry taking care of clients’ live animals, the business always needs to be up and running, no matter what the circumstances are. A lot of other animal service providers shut down after the storm and we ended up taking on many of their clients because of it.”

Scott Smith

Owner, Biscuits & Bath

“We have eight sites and no full-time IT staff. I can’t be in every location when an issue comes up,” says Pat Cunnane. “I can always call ITelagen and know that they will quickly help wherever we need it.”

Pat Cunnane

Executive Director, Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California



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