Communication from Phonetree, outlining new messaging or adjusted messaging to fit the needs of practices today!

We are receiving periodic communication from our partners who are adjusting their products to compensate for the ever-changing healthcare environment with COVID-19. We will pass along the details to you as we learn them. Below you will find communication from Phonetree, outlining new messaging or adjusted messaging to fit the needs of practices today!

The adjustments have been made based on client feedback and will likely continue to be adjusted as different needs arise. In the links below, you will see additional notifications, a change to existing COVID-19 messaging to include new instructions, scripts for cancellation, replace appointment with telehealth appointment, setup new telehealth appointment, and information regarding testing sites and test results communication.

COVID-19 Notification Scripts
COVID-19 Notification Scripts: Closures & Appointment Cancellations
COVID-19 Notification Scripts: Telehealth Appointments

If you are facing challenges with your Patient Reminder/Engagement tool or cannot stay on top of the constant adjustments that need to be made as patient needs change, ITelagen® can provide your practice with fully-integrated patient reminder solutions for use with NextGen®. Our team is standing by to quickly and painlessly assist during this COVID-19 crisis. If you would like assistance with your Patient Reminder/Engagement tool or have questions, please contact us today.

Client Experiences

“It’s difficult to unexpectedly shut down any company for a few days. But when you’re in a relationship-based industry taking care of clients’ live animals, the business always needs to be up and running, no matter what the circumstances are. A lot of other animal service providers shut down after the storm and we ended up taking on many of their clients because of it.”

Scott Smith

Owner, Biscuits & Bath

“We have eight sites and no full-time IT staff. I can’t be in every location when an issue comes up,” says Pat Cunnane. “I can always call ITelagen and know that they will quickly help wherever we need it.”

Pat Cunnane

Executive Director, Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California



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