Ensure continuous IT operations and fast recovery of mission-critical systems in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Get guaranteed IT resiliency with managed services backed by SLAs. Ensure continuous IT operations and fast recovery of mission-critical systems in the cloud—even if there’s a complete site outage at your primary data center—with ITelagen® Cloud Disaster Recovery Service. Need the assurance of a service-level agreement (SLA) and a team of experts to manage the process? ITelagen specialists will create and test your plan, and give you guaranteed access to your key systems, applications, and data within 1, 24, or 48 hours (your choice) of an outage.

Safeguards All Your Data

Protect and recover your systems in our geo-redundant, top-tier, SSAE 16-compliant data centers, which serve as your DR “warm site.”

Rapidly Recover Your Critical Systems and Data. Guaranteed.

ITelagen Cloud Disaster Recovery Service backs up or replicates your systems to the ironclad ITelagen cloud. When there’s a disaster, your critical systems are quickly recovered as virtual machines (VMs). How would you like a zero downtime option for planned system maintenance, upgrades, and outages? With the 1-hour SLA option, the VMs are always on, receiving replicated data over the wire. So you can proactively fail over your systems to the ITelagen cloud and gain quick, remote access to them. Whenever you choose.

Rely on the Experienced Team of ITelagen Continuity and DR Specialists—24x7x365
Our team of experts takes care of continuity and DR planning, testing and documentation, and will fully manage the process to minimize business disruption. They’ll test the service with you before activating it to help ensure accurate and effective execution following an outage. After continuity/DR testing, you’ll receive a Disaster Declaration Card and a continuity/DR Plan tailored to your specific environment. If struck by an outage of any kind, call our 24x7x365 disaster declaration hotline—ITelagen continuity and DR experts are standing by.

Our Partners

ITelagen maintains strong partnerships and certifications with industry leading application providers. These programs enable ITelagen to provide superior service, advanced technical expertise, and proven business solutions to our clients.



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