athenaOne® EHR Helpdesk
The athenaOne® experts at ITelagen® provide "White-Glove" Level 1 + 2 support for all of your staff members.

What is “White Glove” Support?

White glove services are the services offered that go beyond the standard expectations for delivery. The ITelagen® MSO support team experts approach each contact with responsiveness, consistent level of personality, energy, and professional presence all while conveying empathy and technical acumen. For ITelagen® our support metrics speak for themselves. Our AthenaOne® IT support and helpdesk results far exceed industry average for support helpdesks. It is a combination of answering the phone quickly, solving issues on the first call and providing an overall high level of expertise in solving our client’s support issues. 

Case Satisfaction
Industry Standard
First Call Resolution
Industry Standard
Net Promoter Score®
Industry Standard
NPS® Response Rate
Industry Standard

Utilizing EHR in your practice requires much more than basic computer and network IT knowledge, it requires a high level of certified expertise in the EHR application, as well as network, computer, and security technologies. The athenaOne® experts at ITelagen® provide “white-glove” Level 1 + Level 2 support for athenaOne® to all of your staff members.

Your Own “athenaOne® Expert Team”
ITelagen assigns you a team of dedicated certified athenaOne experts that take the time to understand your technology needs and your medical practice. Our experts are hand selected from the best, most experienced engineers and have passed ITelagen’s stringent screening and certification process. All of our service technicians are highly trained and certified in the latest EHR applications and specialize in supporting and communicating with non-technical people.

Unlimited Remote Support
Our service includes athenaOne support for all staff members with no limitations. Our remote-control technology revolutionizes the way we support athenaOne for your staff. When a staff member calls in for assistance, one of our athenaOne experts are able to take control of the caller’s computer to provide fast, easy and secure support service.

100% USA Employees100% USA-based Staff
All of ITelagen’s athenaOne support staff are located in the United States. This further ensures the security of your patient data as access to your data never leaves the United States.

athenaOne® Certified Partner
ITelagen is a certified MSO partner of athenaHealth which provides ITelagen’s engineers with fast access to athenaHealth support and tools. Our staff will interface with the athenaHealth support team for Level 3 issues if and when needed for a fast and efficient resolution.

HIPAA Compliant/Certified Healthcare Support
As with any EHR, the security of patient data is paramount. ITelagen’s EHR support services are operated as ISO 27002 and 27799 compliant, both of which are information security standards that ensure the security of your patient data.



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