Data Backup
Backup your data to a HIPAA secure facility to protect your practice from the liabilities associated with data loss.

Your practice’s success and longevity rely on the integrity of your data and information. Most small and medium-sized businesses continue to labor with traditional back up processes such as data replication or mirroring, tape, disk, or other removable media.

These data backup and recovery methods can be complex and time consuming – particularly for businesses with limited IT resources. Data loss, whether from human error, virus, or natural disaster, can seriously impact your business. If disaster strikes, you need to restore your data quickly so you can proceed with business as usual.

ITelagen Data Backup lets you move data to a secure, offsite facility for disaster recovery, high availability and protects your business from the liabilities associated with data protection – freeing up your IT resources to focus on your business, not your back ups. From simple, secure cloud back up and disaster recovery as a service to high availability and non-disruptive migration, ITelagen offers all of the necessary tools to deploy a comprehensive data resiliency strategy for any type of data, on any system, across any distance.

Fully Automated Service
Data backups are performed automatically over the Internet with no manual intervention required. Online Backup can recover anything from a single file to an entire system with the click of a button. So whether you don’t have an IT department or you are the IT department, you can rest easy knowing the data that powers your business is safe.

Continuous Backup
Continuously protects your server data so you have the most current data available for assured business continuity.

  • Hybrid backup protects data onsite (if it exists) and in the cloud.
  • Granular and full system protection, including image backup.
  • Protect data and files while they’re in use.
  • Restore a full server to new or existing hardware in a few steps.
  • Protect and restore Hyper-V VMs to any local or virtual machine.
  • Back up Exchange Online emails, calendars and user data.
  • Create and manage policies by group, role, device or any criteria you choose.

Rapid Recovery
Disaster recovery is accelerated through our unique restore technology so you can resume business almost immediately. ITelagen Cloud Disaster Recovery Service backs up or replicates your systems to the ironclad ITelagen cloud, allowing for your critical systems to be quickly recovered as virtual machines (VMs) – VMs that are always on, receiving replicated data over the wire, so you can proactively fail over your systems and gain quick, remote access to them.

Our Partners

ITelagen maintains strong partnerships and certifications with industry leading application providers. These programs enable ITelagen to provide superior service, advanced technical expertise, and proven business solutions to our clients.



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