You live in a mobile world – Why shouldn’t your EHR?

With EHRAnywhere® for NextGen® from ITelagen, your practice can leverage the flexibility and mobility of iPad® and Android® Tablet devices with NextGen® EHR. Unlike NextGen® Mobile Solutions, that provide limited functionality, EHRAnywhere provides the full NextGen EPM and EHR application on your mobile tablet. Get remote anytime, anywhere access to your EHR. Between surgeries, on rounds, at home. For all EHR and EPM tasks beyond approvals, lab reviews, or consults. Accomplish what you need faster and on the go!

Powered by Innovative EHRAnywhere® Technology
EHRAnywhere® from ITelagen® is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution that simplifies EHR management and provides physicians and staff members with access to their EHR when they need it and wherever they need it. With EHR access available from a wide variety of device platforms, and performance optimization to accommodate practices in even the most remote locations, EHRAnywhere® technology delivers on the promise of a new way to practice medicine.

Reduce Equipment Costs – Increase Productivity
With EHRAnywhere, an iPad or Android tablet is all that is needed allowing you to eliminate the need for computers in your exam rooms. When you’re more productive, so is your practice. You improve your response time to patients so they stay happy, safe, and healthy. You keep both your clinical and financial workflows moving for better patient care and improved cash flow. And all of these benefits can help you achieve goals you may have around Meaningful Use.

Leverage the Power of Voice-to-Text for Dictation
EHRAnywhere leverages your iPad or Android device’s built-in text to voice capability to empower physicians with the ability to dictate “real-time” into the application in their own words, allowing them to review, sign, and make their notes available for other clinicians—instantly, schedule appointments, and more.

Leverage Your EHR from Anywhere
Through the power of EHRAnywhere® technology, you can leverage EHRAnywhere® no matter where your application is hosted. Getting connected is a breeze, therefore you can be up and running using your customized version on all of your mobile devices. The EHRAnywhere® cloud at ITelagen connects to your environment through a VPN connection. Your mobile device then connects securely to EHRAnywhere via any wireless connection.

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