NextGen® Hosting
Fully managed NextGen® Hosting with 99.99% uptime so you can focus on your patients.

With NextGen® EHR, server equipment is the backbone of your medical practice and is critical to supporting day-to-day operations. For this reason, the ITelagen® EHRCloud® allows you to trust ITelagen with all your NextGen hosting. The ITelagen data center operates with 99.99% availability, plus, the NextGen Certified Professionals at ITelagen will take care of maintaining servers, performing backups, installing upgrades and new NextGen software releases.

Eliminate Hardware Costs
With NextGen® Hosting, you get to use the sophisticated NextGen EHR hardware capabilities as a service and avoid some of the upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, personnel and operations.

Proactive Maintenance of NextGen EHR
Managing NextGen EHR servers has become a strategic function within medical practices. That’s why the NextGen®  Hosting solution is designed to prevent problems before they occur. Our service monitors hundreds of aspects of each server and NextGen EHR’s application’s security and performance 24/7, allowing us to anticipate and correct issues before they occur.

Certified HIPAA Compliant Network
With NextGen EHR, the security of patient data is paramount. That’s why ITelagen’s EHR Cloud™ is SSAE16 / SOC Type II certified – an internationally recognized auditing standard that represents that a service has been through an in-depth audit of their control activities, which generally include controls over information technology and related processes. The requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) makes SAS-70 audit reports even more important to the process of reporting on effective internal controls as they pertain to EHR. The successful completion of these audits validates high standards for ITelagen’s EHRCloud® management objectives, which include: security, availability, operational process integrity, maintainability, performance, and customer service.

State of the Art Datacenter
The ITelagen datacenter is located in one of the premier telecom facilities ever created, which offers a fully hardened infrastructure and access to the largest and best backbones.

State of the Art Security
Human intervention prevents attempts to breach systems, biometrics prevent social engineering. State-of-the-art security systems include: Biometric authentication to all secure areas/doors, Fingerprint Readers, Facial Geometry Scanners, Three-factor (proximity card/biometric fingerprint reader/facial geometry scanner) man-trap authentication and anti-passback, 24x7x365 on-site security personnel, and a High-definition CCTV network that monitors all interior and exterior strategic locations and access points, with 90-day video retention.

Redundant, Next Generation UPS Systems
When managing a practice utilizing NextGen EHR, Always-On UPS with backup generators ensures that your gear stays on. Our centers feature true diverse power systems to your gear. This level of redundancy is commonly known as 1+1, A and B power. Our 2 (N+ 1) power systems are comprised of high efficiency UPS systems with individual battery validation systems backed by diesel generation. Each power system is capable of delivering single pole (120v), double pole (208v), triple pole, or three-phase configurations.

High-Density Cooling Systems Environment
Redundant dry coolers and hot aisle / cold aisle configuration ensure proper cooling of your servers. The ITelagen datacenter utilizes cabinets with sealed backs and heat chimneys that remove hot air without contaminating cool ambient air in the facility. Low-velocity, high-CFM ambient air cooling is provided via the most-up-to-date green technology, with a PUE of 1.2.

High Availability Network
Our renowned backbone provides highly scalable, highly available Internet access for your uninterrupted use of NextGen EHR.



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