ITelagen’s New Automated NextGen Password Reset Tool Eliminates Frustrating Delays

Carmen Soto  | November 4, 2019

ITelagen’s New Automated NextGen Password Reset Tool Eliminates Frustrating Delays

by CARMEN SOTO | November 4, 2019

Customers are always asking me for new ways to make their healthcare practice more productive. That’s why I’ve written several blogs this year with tips to improve efficiencies with NextGen EHR/EPM. So far, we’ve shared helpful shortcuts to reduce clicks, precise details to fine-tune system settings, useful answers to top FAQs, and a convenient roadmap of important upgrades.

If you are a NextGen practice, I invite you to read these blogs and implement the recommendations.

Password Issues Drain Productivity

In this blog, I’ll cover another task that can drain healthcare staff productivity: the frequent nuisance of resetting NextGen user passwords. Gartner estimates that 40% of all helpdesk calls are related to passwords. And an analysis of ITelagen’s own data reveals that “Password Reset” issues represent over 16% of tickets that customers open with our IT support team, and are the number one issue related to lost productivity.   

The reality is, healthcare practices must constantly use and change passwords to protect sensitive patient information and defend their systems against cyberattacks. Having strong password protocol was named as one of the most important ways to defend against cybercrime during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October.

In a busy healthcare practice, clinicians and staff can easily forget ever-changing passwords. And systems will lock out anyone who fails to enter the correct password after a limited number of attempts. It’s easy to see why password problems can become a productivity drain on all parts of the practice, and by extension, impact patient care.

Automated Password Reset Tool Saves Time

Password resets also pose a challenge for ITelagen, in our quest to be the most customer-focused, responsive resource for healthcare practices. The more time our support specialists spend on password resets, the less time we can devote to helping practices address serious problems or provide strategic services like EHR optimization and upgrades

That’s why we developed a new automated tool to speed up and simplify NextGen password resets for customers and our support staff. First, we examined our reset process and identified areas that caused lost productivity, including customer time spent opening a helpdesk ticket and waiting for a resolution. Our new self-service reset tool reduces the previous five-step process to one single step. This makes NextGen password resets easier and eliminates frustrating delays.

More Time for Patients

By using this tool, our hosted and NextGen support customers can independently reset their NextGen passwords 24/7 – without having to contact our support team or wait for a resolution if a support rep is not immediately available.

This means front desk staff can reset their NextGen password and quickly get back into the system to continue scheduling patient appointments. And it reduces the chance of downtime for clinicians who may locked out of the EHR during a reset, enabling them to keep seeing patients without interruption. It also ensures ITelagen support staff will be available when you need them for more crucial issues, instead of spending valuable time resetting passwords.

Built-in Security

Robust security is essential in healthcare practices with the troves of confidential patient data they handle, and passwords play a key role. Security is particularly important when it comes to automated password resets in order to prevent unauthorized access. ITelagen developed our NextGen password reset tool with the strongest security in mind, and it includes:                                                                                                                                 

  1. Multi-factor authentication
  2. Detailed tracking and auditing of every password reset request
  3. Real-time case tracking
  4. Encryption

This new NextGen password reset tool is just one of the ways ITelagen continues our mission to help customers improve outcomes through innovative technology solutions and world-class support. Our customer-focused team strives to make healthcare IT easier, faster and more productive for medical practices and their staff.

To learn more about our automated NextGen password reset tool and portfolio of healthcare technology solutions and services, contact your ITelagen Account Manager or email