Leadership Means Putting People First
JOHN O’KEEFE | September 26, 2018


Leadership Means Putting People First

By John O’Keefe | September 26, 2018


It’s an exciting time to be in healthcare technology. Innovative solutions like artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and the cloud are enabling the delivery of highly personalized, secure and cost-effective care that was unthinkable a decade ago. We spend a lot of time talking about the technology, but at the end of the day, it’s about helping people be more successful on the front lines of care.

This is the cornerstone of our philosophy at ITelagen. Yes, we have a portfolio of solutions and services for medical practices. But our people are the real asset. If our people aren’t empowered – and inspired – to do their jobs well, our customers can’t achieve their full potential. Here are four ways we put this approach into action:

  • Less hierarchy. When someone joins ITelagen, we don’t confine them to a structured hierarchy of managers and direct reports. We work together as a team with a common goal of helping medical practices be more successful through healthcare technology.
  • More ownership. We provide employees with training and tools that empower them to take ownership of their work. In this type of an environment, they can get things done fast and effectively for customers.
  • Unlimited opportunities. I graduated from a state college and built my career through hard work and ambition. I like to extend that level of opportunity to everyone at ITelagen, regardless of their background. Our CFO and Controller both started in entry-level positions and are now in top leadership roles.
  • Fun environment. We spend a lot of hours in the office, so I try to make it a place where people want to go in the morning. From the creative, colorful design to the fun amenities that employees enjoy throughout the day, we want this to be more than just a place to work – we want it to reflect people’s lifestyles.

Here are two examples of how we engage employees to cultivate a strong, unique company culture:

Professional Development

There’s nothing worse than being pigeonholed into a specific box at a company. This is why we offer unlimited growth potential at ITelagen. Some employees take the ball and run with it from day one, and we give them the freedom and encouragement to do that. Others aren’t sure where they want to go, so we provide a structured path to help them get to the next level.

A great example is our Professional Development Program, which gives support staff the opportunity to increase their salary through industry certifications. If someone wants to pursue a relevant certification, ITelagen pays for it including time off to study for and take the exam. The more certifications a person gets, the higher their salary. It’s a win-win for everyone…our people grow their knowledge and salary, we increase our in-house expertise, and customers have more knowledge at their disposal.

Unique Workspace

We moved our headquarters to Sarasota to offer employees a great quality of life at a low cost, with no state income tax. We also wanted to create a unique work experience where people would want to spend time.

We completely redesigned a 6,000 square foot space, big enough for the business to grow and also offer a fun environment. There’s a game room where we hold ping pong tournaments, a lounge with an Xbox and Wii, a gym with showers, a chef’s kitchen and a café. ITelagen’s primary orange color appears throughout the facility to reinforce our brand – you’ll even see people riding orange scooters around the office.

Join the Team

Building a successful company culture is an ongoing process. I’m always looking for new ways to evolve and improve to best meet the needs of our team and our customers. Many medical practices try to attract strong technical talent to work in-house but can’t offer the same type of environment and perks that high-tech organizations do. This is why they count on ITelagen for help, because we attract the best talent by providing the kind of environment that high-caliber technical people have come to expect.

By keeping our own people happy, engaged and committed to customers’ success, everyone wins. If ITelagen sounds like the right place for you, check out our openings or email