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NextGen® EHR Support
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Desktop Support for all of your staff.

Desktop IT Support
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Network Management
Network Management that allows you
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Trusted by over 400 clients nationally, including:

The ITelagen® NextGen® Certified EHR Support Service provides a complete IT support solution for supporting your staff in the use of NextGen® and securing, managing and supporting their desktop computers. Our entire support staff are 100% NextGen® Certified (NCPs).

Your Very Own “NextGen® EHR Specialist” Team

ITelagen assigns you a team of dedicated certified NextGen® Specialists that take the time to understand your technology needs and your medical practice. Our specialists are hand selected from the best, most experienced engineers and have passed ITelagen’s stringent screening process. All of our service technicians are highly trained and certified in the latest EHR applications and specialize in supporting and communicating with non-technical people.

100% USA-based Staff & Datacenters

All of ITelagen’s NextGen® EHR staff and datacenters are located in the United States. This further ensures
the security of your patient data as the data never leaves the United States.

Hear What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

“Using ITelagen for hosting has taken a lot of responsibility off us for things that we’re not experts at, like HIPAA. I know their virus scans and security are much better than anything we could do in-house. They’ve also taught me a lot about our technology infrastructure, so the office is more self-sufficient because I can troubleshoot much better than previously.”

Practice Manager, Abilene Eye Institute

“We have eight locations and no full-time IT staff. I can’t be in every location when an issue comes up. I can always reach out to ITelagen and know that they will quickly be able to help wherever we need it.”

Executive Director, Allergy & Asthma Associates of Northern California

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