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Our Automated Approach Gets You Paid More, Faster.

Revenue cycle efficiency will make or break any practice. That’s why you should constantly monitor revenue cycle performance, identify areas for improvement, and share the data with staff. But many practices lack this visibility because they don’t have easy access to the data or don’t have the resources to analyze it.

Without adding extra coders and billers to your process, we address it through technology and automation, building a dependable system with a 98.7% average first pass claim success rate and up to 25% faster reimbursement.

Medical Billing & Collections

Free your practice from the routine billing and collection tasks to focus on caring for patients and managing the office more efficiently. Our medical billing service empowers physicians to focus on their patients with quality care, free from the headaches of the complicated healthcare billing and collections process. Moreover, it affords them access to resources and a level of expertise not easily replicated by in-house billing personnel, all while producing dramatically higher returns and improved cash flow. Whether you are a single office practitioner, multispecialty practice, or large clinic or medical group, we have the experience and resources to address your medical billing needs.

It’s all in the Art of Automation…
What makes us unique is our approach to medical billing. We focus on automating mundane, error-prone manual medical billing and collection processes to eliminate errors and help medical practices get paid more, faster. It’s a true technology approach to the antiquated problem of medical billing. Our combined expertise in EHR, medical billing and IT systems, enables us to optimize and automate your billing process and medical practice.

Get Paid More…
Our patented claims management technology utilizes a unique four level editing system that improves the accuracy of claims information through real-time error identification. By identifying billing errors prior to submission, we are able to make corrections before claim submission, decreasing denials and increasing collection rates.

100% USA-based Staff
All operations, staff and datacenters are located in the United States in the state of New Jersey. This further ensures the security of your patient data as the data never leaves the United States.

Outsourcing medical billing while utilizing Electronic Health Records (EHR) requires much more than just “billing know-how”. Optimizing collections in EHR requires a high level of IT expertise in database, computer and security technologies and as well as expertise in medical billing and coding.

HIPAA Compliant/Certified Healthcare
With advent of electronic patient data, the security of this data is paramount. That’s why our billing services exceed HIPAA requirements. Our datacenters are SAS-70 Type II certified, an internationally recognized auditing standard that represents that a datacenter has been through an in-depth audit of their control activities, which generally include controls over information technology and related processes. Additionally, Zeus Healthcare’s billing and support services are operated ISO 27002 and 27799 compliant, both of which are information security standards that ensure the security of patient data.

Our Partners

ITelagen maintains strong partnerships and certifications with industry leading application providers. These programs enable ITelagen to provide superior service, advanced technical expertise, and proven business solutions to our clients.

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