athenahealth Medical Billing
We do the billing work that athenahealth doesn't do.
Medical Billing

ITelagen’s “Last Mile” Billing & Collections service for athenahealth frees practices from the staffing needs and burden of billing work that athenahealth does not do. Moreover, it affords them access to resources and a level of expertise not easily replicated by in-house billing personnel, all while producing dramatically higher returns and improved cash flow. Whether you are a single office practitioner, multi-specialty practice, or large clinic or medical group, ITelagen has the experience and resources to address your athenahealth medical billing needs.

Fraction of the Cost of Hiring Staff
Since ITelagen is processing “last mile” claims for many practices, we have achieved significant economies of scale. Therefore, ITelagen delivers our “last mile” billing services for athenahealth at a small fraction of the cost of hiring and managing billing staff. Additionally, due to the large size of our billing team, practices will not have gaps in collections from staff holidays, PTO, sick days and work-from-home challenges.

“Last Mile Billing” – The Work that athenahealth Doesn’t Do… 
Approximately 25% of the claims processed by athenahealth require additional work on behalf of the practice to be paid. Many practices underestimate the amount of work and staff required to chase after these claims. ITelagen performs the billing and collections work that athenahealth does not do as well as the work that athenahealth sends back to the practice.

This includes:

  • Review and Process Rejections
  • Time of Service Reconciliation
  • Denial Management and Appeals
    (Clearinghouse, Payers)
  • Fee Schedule Optimization
  • Non-Contractual Adjustment Posting
  • Credit Balance & Refunds Processing
  • Review Payer Correspondences
  • Review Patient Correspondences
  • Coding Support (Optional)
  • Credentialing (Optional)
  • Reporting & Analytics (Optional)

athenahealth EHR Experts

ITelagen is an athenahealth MSO partner and has extensive expertise in automating the billing and collections tasks for medical practices. Our athenahealth Team consists of healthcare IT professionals who have worked in medical practices and understand the nuances of day to day operations. This real-world experience provides you with the needed support and ability to achieve success in improving the overall billing process and increasing collections. Many of our users and physicians will attest to the positive and successful experience they have had with our services and readily available experts!



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