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increase in reimbursement year-over-year

ITelagen’s Medical Billing & Collections service for NextGen® empowers physicians to focus on their patients with quality care, free from the headaches of the complicated healthcare billing and collections process. Moreover, it affords them access to resources and a level of expertise not easily replicated by in-house billing personnel, all while producing dramatically higher returns and improved cash flow. Whether you are a single office practitioner, multi-specialty practice, or large clinic or medical group, ITelagen has the experience and resources to address your medical billing needs.

It’s all in the Art of Automation…
What makes us unique is our approach and expertise with NextGen® Medical Billing & Collections. We focus on automating mundane, error-prone manual medical billing and collection processes to eliminate errors and help medical practices get paid more, faster. Are you getting shorted on your claims from insurance companies?  Are your providers credentialed appropriately? Do you have rejections that are not getting attention?  Do you know?  It’s a true technology approach to the antiquated problem of medical billing. Our combined expertise in EHR, medical billing and IT systems, enables the NextGen® Medical Billing & Collections solution to optimize and automate your billing process and medical practice.

We provide a web-based dashboard which provides visibility and transparency into the billing and collection process and to monitor claims through the billing life-cycle – see below. Our analytics solution provides unparalleled visibility into the billing and collections process, allowing practices to monitor claims throughout their life cycle as easily as tracking an online package to your doorstep. It also helps your team identify billing issues early and intervene before submitting to the payer,  avoiding rejections, rework and ensuring there are no surprises at the end of the month. You can even anonymously benchmark your performance and reimbursements against other practices to identify gaps and key areas for improvement.


Get Paid More…
Our patented claims management technology utilizes a unique four level editing system that improves the accuracy of claims information through real-time error identification. By identifying billing errors prior to submission, the NextGen® Medical Billing & Collections solution makes corrections before claim submission, decreasing denials and increasing collection rates.  The NextGen® Medical Billing & Collections workflow is simple and nearly flawless: (1) deliver immediate efficiency to the front and back offices by proactively monitoring and addressing gaps in the cycle that lead to losses, (2) establish a baseline of where the gains are for the future, and (3) get paid more, faster!

NextGen® EHR Experts
ITelagen is a NextGen certified partner and has a staff of NCPs with expertise that automates the billing and collections tasks for medical practices. Our NextGen certified team consists of healthcare IT professionals who have worked in medical practices and understand the nuances of day to day operations. This real-world experience provides you with the needed support and ability to achieve success in improving the overall billing process and increasing collections. Many of our users and physicians will attest to the positive and successful experience they have had with our services and readily available experts!

NextGen® Financial Analytics

NextGen® Financial Analytics from ITelagen® offers timely and actionable insights and full visibility into key performance metrics so you can focus on changes that will have the most impact.

Get Paid What You Earned
Gain transparency into the medical billing collection process by leveraging data-driven tools that track claims throughout their lifecycle — similar to tracking packages.

Proactively Identify and Intervene
When an issue arises during the claims process and ensure payments are on time with no surprises at the end of the month. Other solutions only intervene at the end of the claims process when nothing else can be done.

Anonymously Benchmark Your Financial Performance
NextGen® Financial Analytics from ITelagen® offers the ability to anonymously benchmark and compare your parctices’ financial performance and reimbursements against other practices in our network to identify gaps and key areas for improvement.

What our Clients Say…

“Since ITelagen automated these important patient communications, some patients have commented that it’s the first time they’ve received a bill from us. We are already seeing increased cash flow and an overall healthier revenue cycle which will lead to greater long-term success for our practice.”

– Practice Manager, Abilene Eye Institute

NextGen® Financial Analytics from ITelagen®
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