Enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price you can afford.

Microsoft® Exchange Hosting

Unfortunately, for most small businesses, the cost of running a Microsoft® Exchange ‘in-house’ is simply too much and too risky. Upfront costs can exceed $15,000, plus staff time to maintain the server. This is why ‘managed Exchange hosting’ or ‘Exchange outsourcing’ makes sense for smaller businesses. Exchange email outsourcing allows businesses to enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price they can afford.


Microsoft® Exchange Server Hosting Plan

ITelagen’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange lets small and medium-sized businesses harness the cloud to power your business email, calendar, contacts and much more. Through ITelagen’s Exchange server, the smallest companies can benefit from powerful Business Email and collaboration for a low monthly fee. Users can view email, calendars, task lists, contacts and more through Microsoft Outlook on a desktop or notebook PC, Web mail or a handheld wireless device. Our 99.999% uptime guarantee makes outsourcing Microsoft Exchange from ITelagen a great choice for small companies that want big business IT.

  • Mobile freedom with support for email, calendar and contacts on virtually any smartphone or tablet – from iPhone and iPad through Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more
  • Enterprise-grade security in our world-class datacenters and a 99.999% uptime service level agreement


The ITelagen Cloud Keeps Unclean or Dangerous Content Off Your Network.

Our Hosted Exchange Service provides proactive protection with simple to manage and feature-rich perimeter protection. Our robust web content control service helps companies secure their staff from harmful web content. Our Web Protection Service offers unprecedented protection at the perimeter from threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P and inappropriate content. With comprehensive reporting our Web Protection Service helps enforce acceptable use policies as well as security best practices.


One of the Industry’s Safest and Most Reliable Email Archiving

Offering a highly sophisticated management system, ITelagen’s Hosted Exhange offers archiving, easy storage, retrieval and email monitoring at an affordable price.

Regulatory requirements, court requests for e-discovery, and industry standards are having a profound effect on how businesses manage electronic communications. Failing to adequately store and retrieve emails gets businesses and their officers in hot water every day. As a result, companies can face penalties, fines, and legal consequences such as destruction of evidence charges and adverse judgments. For many, being able to properly monitor, store, and retrieve email messages is now as important as keeping financial records tidy.

Chose from a variety of Archiving packages designed to meet your specific compliance needs. ITelagen Hosted Email Archiving provides convenient management and retention of inbound, outbound and internal emails. Do you need Message Archiving for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years? Simply select the right Archiving package for you and you’re ready to go.


Hosted Microsoft Exchange®

Mobile PDA / Cell Access
Easy access to email for handhelds like the BlackBerry, Treo or Windows Mobile devices.

Centrally Stored Information
Allows email, files and other company data to be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Shared Calendars
Lets employees see colleagues’ availability to schedule or rearrange meetings, book conference rooms, and plan projects.

Shared Task Lists
Allows ‘to do’ lists to be created and assigned, then shared with team members.

Shared Contacts
Company or shared address books means important contact details will never be lost or misplaced.

Outlook Web Access
Allows for email and information access through an Internet Web browser.

Our Partners

ITelagen maintains strong partnerships and certifications with industry leading application providers. These programs enable ITelagen to provide superior service, advanced technical expertise, and proven business solutions to our clients.



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