increase in reimbursement year-over-year

NextGen® Financial Analytics

NextGen® Financial Analytics from ITelagen® offers timely and actionable insights and full visibility into key performance metrics so you can focus on changes that will have the most impact.

Get Paid What You Earned
Gain transparency into the medical billing collection process by leveraging data-driven tools that track claims throughout their lifecycle — similar to tracking packages.

Proactively Identify and Intervene
When an issue arises during the claims process and ensure payments are on time with no surprises at the end of the month. Other solutions only intervene at the end of the claims process when nothing else can be done.

Anonymously Benchmark Your Financial Performance
NextGen® Financial Analytics from ITelagen® offers the ability to anonymously benchmark and compare your parctices’ financial performance and reimbursements against other practices in our network to identify gaps and key areas for improvement.

NextGen® Financial Analytics from ITelagen®
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