A diagnosis and plan of action on how you can improve NextGen® EHR performance.

NextGen® EHR Server Analysis

ITelagen is a certified System Administration partner with NextGen and has provided a full-service line of support services for over seven years. Over the course of time—through upgrades and infrastructure change—it is not uncommon to hear end-users say “the system is slow”; or “the screen is hour-glassing”. The process to determine where the problem(s) lie can be an arduous one, but regardless of where your computer infrastructure resides, ITelagen can provide your group with a diagnosis and plan of action on how you can improve performance.

To aid NextGen users with their system woes, we are proud to offer our flat-rate NextGen Server Analysis. Our team with more than 30 years of collective NextGen experience will provide your practice with a thorough evaluation of your existing self-hosted or outsourced environment. A formal summary document will provide specific recommendations and advice on necessary changes which the practice can perform on their own, or ITelagen can perform this work on behalf of the practice for an additional fee.

The summary below outlines the focus areas our experienced professionals will review during the analysis:

  • Review the CPU, Storage and RAM for all servers (dedicated or virtual)
  • Review of the OS, version and patching
  • Review of NextGen installation
  • Review of various maintenance jobs running against databases
  • Review RDP/Citrix and clustering configurations
  • Review all NextGen component configurations (i.e.; Fax, BBP, ODG)
  • Review of File Maintenance configuration
  • Review of Domain, scripts, group policies
  • Review configurations of routers, firewalls and switches
  • Review Printing configurations, software and drivers
  • Provide a final Summary of Findings document
  • Provide actionable Recommendations and References

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