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NextGen® EHR System Administration

If you’re like most practice managers, you hardly have time to manage your practice, let alone manage your NextGen EHR. Deciding on how to support and maintain data protection and disaster recovery for your NextGen EHR is one of the most important technology decisions your practice can make. Now your practice can have the same expertise as large healthcare organizations.

The ITelagen® NextGen EHR System Administration Service offers you a comprehensive solution designed specifically to help you manage NextGen EHR and your EHR servers.

NextGen® EHR Server Analysis
Our certified database administrators and NextGen Certified Professionals lend their expertise to diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks in NextGen EHR.

NextGen® Upgrade Services
Our NextGen Certified Professionals will perform NextGen application updates through a 3-step process:

  • Phase 1: Readiness Assessment – Determine your practices readiness for NextGen EHR upgrade through identification of all Custom Templates and analysis of your EHR server hardware requirements.
  • Phase 2: KBM Migration Assessment – Our team will assist your practice with determining which custom templates can be replaced with the new standardized KBM templates.
  • Phase 3: Custom Template Testing – Our in-house staff of template design experts will modify your custom templates as needed to accommodate the upgrade.  Read More>>>

NextGen® EHR User Management
Our support team will manage all NextGen and Active Directory user account settings on your EHR servers.

Microsoft Security Patch Management
With EHR, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft for the Windows Server operating system. As part of the NextGen EHR System Administration service, ITelagen will monitor and maintain the patches and provide you with reporting as required to make sure your NextGen EHR servers are up to date.

Event Log Monitoring
ITelagen will proactively monitor your Windows Server Event Logs to ensure that warnings and signs of trouble are handled prior to them affecting your EHR server’s health. Through our advanced monitoring tools our service technicians are alerted to critical issues as they occur.

NextGen® EHR Application Availability
Our NextGen support specialists monitor the key NextGen services on your EHR servers to ensure their availability to your medical practice. If something isn’t working properly, we’ll most likely know before you will. If and when a failure is detected, our support specialists are instantly alerted by email or pager so that they can take corrective action.

Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, & Updates
We’ll monitor and manage all aspects of your Anti-Virus software, which will keep your EHR servers protected from the latest Internet risks so that you can feel assured about the safety and integrity of your patient information. Should a virus be detected on one of your servers, your support team specialist will be alerted and will ensure that the issue was eradicated.

Server Backup Service
Our optional server backup service provides secure and efficient networked data protection and disaster recovery for your NextGen EHR server and patient data. Our data backup service backs up your NextGen data securely over the Internet and stores this data in two redundant locations. By taking advantage of our Data Backup Service, you can feel confident that your patient data will not be lost to hardware or software failure, power outages, viruses, fire, natural disasters, or just simple human error.

Drive Space Monitoring
We will monitor hard drive space on your server to ensure that the available hard drive space is within a pre-determined limit. Should the limit be reached, the ITelagen® support agents receive alerts so that appropriate action can be taken.

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ITelagen maintains strong partnerships and certifications with industry leading application providers. These programs enable ITelagen to provide superior service, advanced technical expertise, and proven business solutions to our clients.



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