Help your practice run optimally and maximize revenues with NextGen® EPM.

NextGen® EPM Assessments

Whether your practice is relatively new to NextGen or are seasoned vets, the multitude of options, preferences and configurations available in EPM make it a daunting task to manage. ITelagen offers several EPM Assessment services that help your practice run optimally with NextGen EPM and also to help maximize your revenues.

Package A: Revenue Cycle Review 
Target Audience: Central Business Office
Project Time: 8 hours
If you oversee, or are involved in the day-to-day operations of the CBO, then the name of the game is how to keep the money flowing into the Practice! Cash collections and receivables need to match at the end of the day; rejections need to be kept to a minimum; and your fee schedules, payments and adjustments must be applied appropriately to ensure maximum reimbursement from your contracts and payors. This review will be led by a seasoned professional with 12+ years of NextGen EPM/Revenue Cycle experience, six of which were spent in CBO management roles, who review your system and deliver an actionable Recommendations Summary Report.

This services includes the following areas of review:

  • Full File maintenance review to include ALL payer files, master files, and libraries
  • Clearing House Review
  • Review all Financial Reports Monthly, Daily, Accounting and Audit Reports
  • Review Claims and Claim Edits
  • Charge entry (Manual and EHR)
  • Tasking, Budget Plans, Payment Posting. Statements
  • Work Logs
  • Contracts/ Fee Schedules Review
  • Review BBP Set Up
  • Recommendations Summary Report upon Completion

Package B: Full EPM Review
Target Audience: Central Business Office & Practice Administrators
Project Time: 12 hours
The Full EPM Review will provide your practice with a well-rounded, actionable review of how the EPM system can work in concert with your day-to-day workflows. We have found that many older NextGen installations have not been properly migrated to function with newer software releases, or staff turnover has created added layers of varied Revenue Cycle philosophies. Regardless of where your Practice may fall, a seasoned professional with 12+ years of NextGen EPM/Revenue Cycle experience, as well as 10+ years of clinical experience in the military, can provide a new outlook on your internal processes, accompanied with actionable Recommendations Summary Report.

This services includes everything in Package A: Revenue Cycle Review plus the following areas of review:

  • Practice Set Up
  • Workflow Front/ Back Office and Billing
  • Practice preferences
  • Security Group configuration
  • Scheduling Administration
  • Review of system Reports
  • ICS Review
  • Recommendations Summary Report upon completion

Package C: EPM Question and Answer Session 
Target Audience: Practice Administrator; CBO; EPM Specialist
Project Time: 4 hours
Whether your practice has been using the NextGen EPM system for 6 months or 6 years, your staff will always have questions – either simple or complex – about how to perform a daily function or task; if a certain report is possible; or they have heard there’s a way to build a better mouse trap but they just do not possess the expertise to complete the work. During this informal Q&A session with a seasoned professional with 12+ years of NextGen EPM/Revenue Cycle experience, as well as 10+ years of clinical experience in the military, you can now ask questions and receive immediate feedback and results!

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