NextGen® Licensing

If you are looking for an EHR partner who has the tools you need to comply with Meaningful Use, ICD-10, and MIPS/MACRA our NextGen® EHR powered by ITelagen® is a game changer!

 Easy to use, logical, clean design.
Smart. Intelligent and intuitive focused content.
Fast. Minimize training and improve patient throughput.

NextGen® EHR helps small practices streamline their workflow and attest for Meaningful Use, simply and quickly. It enables instant access to charts and lab results, e-prescribing with pharmacies, health maintenance alerts, medication recalls, and more.

With built-in workflow and clinical content, NextGen® EHR creates efficient encounter documentation. Electronic patient charts, arranged by practice workflow on a single screen, allow providers to review the medical summary and quickly order prescriptions, tests, procedures, or referrals right from the system.

Multi-location practices can instantly access and document in patient records from any location. This provides patients with the flexibility to make appointments or receive test or lab results at any location without a paper chase. NextGen® EHR is especially suited for multi-specialty practices thanks to embedded clinical content and workflow for over 25 specialties.

NextGen® EHR provides the functionality and ongoing support your group practice needs now and in the future to enable success in an ever-changing medical environment.

Specialty-specific Documentation with Robust Clinical Content

Developed by clinical specialists, with built-in workflow and clinical content for over 25 specialties, our EHR enables documenting specialty-specific HPIs, procedures, histories, assessments, and more.


NextGen® EPM

Gain greater revenue and better control of your practice…

Thousands of practices have improved their productivity and enhanced their revenue and cash flow with the NextGen® Practice Management solution.

  • Increase productivity – Labor-intensive tasks become just a few simple clicks. Run tasks daily, weekly or monthly
  • Capture more revenue – Get electronic claims checking and collections processing support
  • Make informed decisions – Manage every facet of your practice through reporting
  • Be fully compliant – with Meaningful Use, HIPAA 5010 and on track for implementation of ICD-10
  • Integrated – Completely integrated with NextGen® Ambulatory EHR

Why NextGen Practice Management?
NextGen Healthcare has helped practices for 20 years and is proficient in the evolving healthcare market and the importance of quality collaborative care and patient-centered, value-based medicine. Our Practice Management solutions maximize practice efficiency and workflow, and address everyday challenges:

  • Task Management – WorkLog Manager is an exclusive, automated system fully integrated with NextGen Practice Management
  • Productivity – WorkLog Manager automatically instructs your staff on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it
  • Efficiency – NextGen Practice Management’s person database reduces data entry duplications, while maintaining all demographic data from one visit to the next, and is accessible from all practice locations
  • Enterprise Scheduling – An enterprise appointment scheduler supports central scheduling at the practice level, with customizable, color-coded scheduling templates that include adjustable time increments, recurring appointments, and real-time wait listing
  • Coordinated Care Workflow – Integration with the NextGen®product suite enables consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients


NextGen® Patient Portal

Engage your patients while enhancing productivity…

The Internet is one of our most valuable assets. Whether you’re part of a group or a solo practice—a primary care or specialty provider—the Internet is an important resource to help you deliver high quality patient care.

Replacing many inefficient, conventional means of communications, NextGen® Patient Portal taps into the power and convenience of the Internet to help you update patient information; coordinate patient appointments; manage chronic conditions; and send/receive information such as forms, documentation, updates, and emails.

The NextGen Patient Portal can also help to improve your organization’s administrative efficiency by reducing phone calls and paperwork, enabling electronic communications, and cutting costs on printing and postage.

Choose NextGen® Patient Portal – Reduce patient administrative support and increase patient satisfaction with web-based tools to engage in their care.

  • Enable electronic prescriptions quickly and easily
  • Facilitate online payments
  • Streamline documentation
  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Generate electronic statements, and more

Reclaim your staff. Be more productive. Reduce patient administrative support critical to Meaningful Use and Patient Center Care. Use NextGen Patient Portal for better care and better results.


NextGen® Population Health

Essential to Successful Collaborative Care

NextGen® Population Health is an integrated, patient engagement, and measurement solution that empowers providers to succeed in every aspect of collaborative care. Best of all NextGen PH is tightly integrated with our PM/EHR platform so you can work simply, smart, and fast.

Why NextGen Population Health?

  • Automate outreach communication using configurable engine
  • Integrate proactive patient outreach with PM and EHR
  • Engage patients through patient portal, and mobile devices
  • Measure outcomes using customizable dashboards and reports



With the stroke of a pen, capture data  into your EHR…

NextPen®, which utilizes Anoto technology, has a tiny camera in the tip. The camera interprets the pen’s position on the form by reading a faint dot pattern added to the page when printed. Each pattern is unique to that specific sheet of paper, ensuring that all data goes to the correct patient record.

Simply place the pen in a USB docking station, review and approve the data, and the NextPen system automatically fills the structured data fields in the correct patient record. A perfect image of the form is also captured and can automatically be attached to the record, making it ideal for signatures and drawings

  • For Patients: Collect history, demographics, and signatures directly from the waiting room without interview, scanning, or transcription
  • For Providers: Capture HPI, PE, ROS, etc., as well as color drawings and signatures, with minimal learning curve
  • Capture structured EHR data directly from pen and paper without scanning or transcription
  • Automatically populates the appropriate NextGen® Ambulatory EHR templates and fields
  • Requires no special printer or paper, and no per-page fees. Print on your own printer, using normal office paper.


NextGen® ePrescribing

Prescription errors that result from illegible hand-writing, incorrect dosing, and missed drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions contribute to thousands of deaths and billions of wasted dollars each year.

NextGen Ambulatory EHR offers an electronic prescribing and medication management solution to provide an easy, convenient – and now profitable – answer to this problem.

Physicians who transmit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies may earn an incentive payment of 2% of their total Medicare allowed charges during 2010.

NextGen ePrescribing will help your practice take advantage of this incentive and:

  • Save time by electronically prescribing medications and receiving refill requests from pharmacies
  • Maintain patient records, including demographics, problems, procedures, medications, and allergies
  • Receive allergy, drug-to-drug, and disease interaction alerts
  • Check formulary and eligibility in real-time
  • Request a patient’s complete medication history from pharmacies

Applying for Meaningful Use?

  • Medicare: You may not apply for the ePrescribing incentive; however you may apply for the 2% PQRI incentive
  • Medicaid: You can apply for the 1% ePrescribing incentive and the 2% PQRI incentive

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