Automatic enrollment of patients into NextGen® Patient Portal.

NextGen® Patient Portal Bulk Enrollment

What is Bulk Enrollment?
Patient Portal Bulk Enrollment allows a practice to automatically enroll patients with valid email addresses in the Patient Portal without any interaction with the patient.  Various combinations of patient criteria can be used to identify certain patients for bulk enrollment.  For example, if only patients that have been seen after a certain date should be enrolled, only those patients will be included in the enrollment.  Also, if you are moving from a third-party Patient Portal to a NextGen Patient Portal, you may want to only include those patients that are enrolled into the third-party Patient Portal.

How does Bulk Enrollment work?

The Bulk Enrollment Form is completed by the client and sent back to ITelagen (see below).  This form determines how the usernames, passwords and security questions/answers will be formatted. The client will prepare a formatted email that is automatically sent to patients with instructions on how to sign into the Patient Portal.  This is performed in Online Practice Settings in File Maintenance.  It needs to be setup based upon how they completed the Bulk Enrollment Form. ITelagen will complete the Bulk Enrollment processor installation in COMM services and customize the Bulk Enrollment script to meet the criteria specified by the client. A date to run the script will be mutually agreed upon and scheduled for execution. The script runs, enrollments are processed, patients receive the automated email and any errors are documented; a list of patients and errors are sent to client for manual enrollment.

Flat-rate Pricing

ITelagen is offering the process of performing the Bulk Enrollment process under a flat-rate pricing model. This model will encompass discovery call, review of questionnaire, sample review of the final product, execution and follow-up summary report.

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