EHR Optimization

The Promise of EHR Efficiency – Finally Fulfilled.


Chances are, your practice has implemented an EHR but it has yet to deliver all of the benefits you expected. An EHR can’t simply be plugged into a busy practice environment and succeed on its own. The real wins happen when an EHR is tailored to work in support of specific practice requirements, versus upending your workflows to accommodate the EHR.

ITelagen has the certifications, knowledge and experience to optimize your EHR for maximum success – at initial implementation and continuously as needs evolve. We keep our finger on the pulse of product advancements to help your practice upgrade smoothly, and train staff on new functionality as soon as it is available.

Our deep understanding of healthcare workflows and EHR platforms will help you maximize your investment, improve staff satisfaction and productivity, and enhance patient care. ITelagen’s EHR optimization services can increase patient volume by up to 12% and reduce physician charting time by up to 40%.