Infrastructure Management

Support, Secure and Manage Your Technology Infrastructure.


Healthcare technology is a critical aspect of any thriving practice. But the dizzying array of solutions can be overwhelming to navigate, especially for people who are trained in patient care and not technology.

Many facilities adopt a patchwork of solutions with different data sets, which are error prone and difficult to manage. When one piece of technology goes down, it can impact the entire practice and disrupt care. According to one study, the average cost of system downtime is $488 an hour, per physician.

A fully integrated, state-of-the art technology infrastructure will enable your staff and clinicians to be more productive, collaborative and – above all – attentive to patients.

ITelagen offers comprehensive expertise, full certifications and deep experience to proactively plan, manage and optimize your practice’s entire technology infrastructure, from desktop to the cloud. Our goal is to eliminate equipment downtime, so your practice can focus on patients instead of worrying about technology.