Revenue Cycle Management

Our Automated Approach Gets You Paid More, Faster.


In today’s environment, you can’t afford to miss any billable procedures, submit incorrect claims or let A/P days drag out. Every day and every dollar count.

An automated revenue cycle management process increases efficiency and reduces errors. This can significantly improve your practice’s bottom line, as errors typically result in a 3% to 5% loss of revenues.

ITelagen’s team of US-based experts will help you take a more proactive approach to revenue cycle management with timely, clean claims and the fastest possible reimbursement. We automate tasks that practice staff usually perform manually, including the nettlesome paper-based “workarounds” that are often created to deal with exceptions.

We don’t throw extra coders and billers at a challenge.  We address it through technology and automation, building a dependable system with a 98.7% average first pass claim success rate and up to 25% faster reimbursement.