Security + HIPAA

Safeguards for Your Practice, Staff and Patients.


Ransomware has become a $75B dollar industry, and is growing exponentially. Every organization is at risk, especially healthcare practices who are particularly attractive targets due to troves of lucrative – and often highly vulnerable – confidential patient data. A recent study found that 72% of all healthcare malware attacks in 2016 were ransomware, and financial services is the only industry that’s targeted more than healthcare.

We make security simple, so your staff can confidently use technology to improve outcomes instead of worrying about falling prey to ransomeware and other attacks that threaten the security of protected health information (PHI). Our integrated Security + HIPAA service, developed by experienced technology professionals, seamlessly injects end-to-end security into the people, process, technology and data layers at your practice to ensure the highest levels of protection without impacting user productivity.

Our simple, holistic security-by-design approach is changing the face of healthcare technology. By integrating cybersecurity and compliance into every aspect of your practice, we enable you to pursue important clinical and business objectives unimpeded by IT risk.