White Glove Support

Instant Support for Your Staff – When They Need it Most.


Good healthcare technology talent is hard to find. The pool of experts is limited, and requires an understanding of many applications from different vendors.

Most practices lack internal technology expertise to quickly troubleshoot and resolve complex issues on their own. And time wasted dealing with multiple external vendor support teams to resolve a problem impacts staff productivity and patient care. A full 50% of doctors in a recent poll stated that healthcare technology is having a negative effect on their ability to respond to patient issues.

ITelagen delivers White Glove Support with a no-excuses approach and single point of accountability with deep expertise to immediately resolve every technology issue at your practice. Your staff can pick up the phone 24/7 and instantly connect with an expert in the US, not a remote rep oceans away.

Our comprehensive healthcare, technology and EHR expertise enables us to quickly get to the root of any problem and removes you from the time-consuming, frustrating “blame game” between vendors about who owns an issue.   Our highly responsive team acts as an extension of your own staff, staying in constant communication with you and seeing every issue through to resolution so that you can stay productive. 80% of issues are resolved on the first call and ITelagen clients report an industry-leading high of 98.8% average user satisfaction.